The 5 promises that AG Residential makes for you

  1. We carefully select the best locations for you

    The future of real estate lies in the development of inner urban areas. Looking for a guaranteed return on investment? Cities deal with a continually growing population and an ever-increasing need for housing. This is why we primarily target large inner urban areas, more specifically neighbourhoods in full development. Of course, we prefer agreeable locations where people would love to live and rent.

  2. We build your apartment

    AG Real Estate has many years of experience as a promotor of large real estate projects in different domains. From shopping malls to state of the art office buildings, from modern school infrastructure to agreeable apartments. On the residential market, we only collaborate with reliable partners and subcontractors. We apply the most recent techniques and guarantee the best price-quality ratio. As we are building on a strong financial basis, you can trust us to always deliver your apartment in accordance to the arrangements made.

  3. We lease your apartment

    Immediately upon delivery of the apartment, our rental service starts looking for your first tenant. We provide an inventory of the premises and take care of everything. Upon your request, AG Residential can further prepare your apartment for rental, by painting and installing light fixtures and curtains. It’s equally possible to lease furniture for furnished rental.

  4. We manage your apartment

    After finding your first tenant, we manage everything regarding the rental, including the collection of the rent, all administrative formalities, the calculation of the indexation, the division of costs between renter and owner, settlements with the insurance company and small repairs by our very own repair service.

  5. Enjoy a carefree investment!

    Finally, we also provide insurance to cover you against unpaid rent and damages, to compensate you when a tenant leaves prematurely and to offer extensive legal assistance without franchise.
    With our apartments, we aim to attract a qualitative audience looking for long-term rentals. This audience, in combination with the blossoming locations and the professional service we offer, ensures you can enjoy your investment without any worries. AG Residential is your partner, dependable and professional.