The 5 promises that AG Residential makes for you

  1. Stability and trust

    AG Residential is a part of AG Real Estate, the largest real estate group in Belgium. AG Real Estate is a 100% subsidiary of AG Insurance, the leading player on the Belgian insurance market. These strong financial foundations make us a reliable and solvent promotor.

  2. Single point of contact

    Our own dedicated team is at your service, providing you with a single point of contact for all your questions. As a promotor, this allows us to help you even more quickly and efficiently, from the very first contact with our sales team all the way through to the follow-up and customer service.

  3. Carefully chosen locations

    When choosing a home, quality of life is everything. Is the neighborhood evolving? Are there amenities nearby? How about mobility and accessibility? A recent study has shown that a low score on mobility is one of the main reasons people move. Is the location an agreeable environment to work and live in? We examine all these questions when scouting a new location so you can simply live your life to the fullest.

  4. Price/quality

    The price of a newly-built apartment depends on several factors, such as the value of the land, the cost of construction and the remuneration of the architects and subcontractors. An important criterion to consider when looking for a newly-built apartment is its finish. We offer highly qualitative and fully completed apartments, allowing you to further finish your apartment without having to make extra costs.

  5. The customer decides

    Special wishes or suggestions? We are open to explore your ideas and dreams together. We don’t believe in the principle that everyone would like to buy the same standard product. Would you like to personalize your apartment? No problem – we’ll examine the possibilities together and offer you the needed guidance. Let’s make your apartment a real home.